With its 22 hectars of untouched forest populated by many bird, inscets and plants speacies, as well as foxes and dears, with its views at 360° from the top of the mountain culminating at 900 m high, Cayla, which is located in a very secluded valley is a perfect place to disconnet from the everyday life world and enjoy silence and the healing presence of nature.

Who can book a retreat at Cayla ?

You can book a private retreat at Cayla if you are a member of the association.

If your activities match with the goal of the association, you can also join the association with your group and organize your own event at Cayla.

Lodging at Cayla

You can either sleep in shared bedrooms of 2 – 3 or 4 beds, or have a room for yourslef if there is availability. It is usually possible to book a single room when you come for an individual retreat in between workshops, but when there is an event going on at Cayla there are usually no single rooms available.

If there is no other event going on, you can also stay a few days before or after a workshop to transition before you go back to your life.

Cost for lodging at Cayla is:

25 € / night / person in a shared bedroom

40 € / night / person in a single room

We ask you to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag, and towel. We provide blankets. We can also provide some sheets and towel for you for an additional fee of 10 €.



The food can be made by the members of the association directly on the place or we can also provide a caterer that will cook for you during the event.