About the association

Dragonfly Cayla is an association which goal is to organise events / activities / retreats along the year – following the natural cycle of the seasons, to help people live a better – more healthy and conscious – life.

Most of the association events are taking place in an old farm in South Aveyron, which is intended to be a welcoming house for anyone whishing to make a moment of pause in their life in order to reflect, contemplate, acquire knowledge or tools to face the everyday challenges, and share life experiences with like minded people in an atmosphere of respect and trust.

Painting by Branka Rajkovic



Workshops, retreats, conferences, artistic residency…







Dragonfly Cayla organises workshops / retreats / celebrations with different teachers / facilitators and methodologies including the Dragonfly Practices.


Regular activities of the association includes maintenance and renovation of the buildings, but also hikes, star observations, birds watching, silence pratices…


Individuals or small groups of people can book a private retreat.

Le Cayla

The small and secluded hamlet of Cayla is located in the Aveyron region in the South West of France half distance from the cities of Toulouse and Montpellier. It is composed of a set of old buldings and 22 hectars of land, mainly a forest of chestnuts and oak trees. It is said to have been builded and cultivated by monks 300 years ago. It has its own spring and a 360 degree view from the top of the mountain that culminate at 900 meters and serve as a place of observation to watch migratory birds. The area is protected for its biodiversity especially plants and insects.


Become a member of the Dragonfly Association. Membership cost is 10 € per year and is to be renewed each January.

The surrounding area

The area is filled with mysterious statues Menhir from Neolithic times. The red earth makes a very special landscape. It is known for its beautiful medieval villages such as Combret or Brousse-le-Chateau, the story of the wild child and the international festival of sacred music of the Sylvanès abbaye.

How to get to Cayla

The closest international airport or main train station is Toulouse. From there take a train to Albi. We will come to pick you up at the Albi train station or we will arrange a carpool from Albi or Toulouse. Albi is located one hour drive from Le Cayla. There are also a few buses connecting Albi to Lacaune or to Saint Sernin-sur-Rance during the day. The direction is: Le Cayla, 12380 Laval-Roquecezière, France.

The Albi Catedral

The Albi cathedral