Regular activities at Dragonfly Cayla happen all around the year. At the moment they mostly have to do with maintaining the place, preparing the place for events…

We are also still restoring the old buildings and making the place better to host events.

In Autumn, the paths in the forest needs to be cleaned up and trees around the houses need to be trimmed. It’s also the time to pick up chestnuts.

We also have many ideas of what we could develop as regular activities on the place such as meditation practices, hikes to observe the birds and other animals in the forest, learning to recognize the eatable and medicinal plants, learning to recognize the constellations and the planets in the night sky…

As part of the activities of the association we would like to make this place a place where one can study and relearn the old ancestral ways and technics that were essential to man’s survival and relationship with nature.

When you join us at Cayla, you are sure that there will be something exciting to do !

Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku, also known as “forest bathing”, is the practice of immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the forest. It involves slow mindful walk and connecting with nature on a sensory level. Over 500 studies around the world have proven its benefits for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Le Cayla, with its 22 ha of private forest, is the place where Shinrin Yoku practices are regularly organized by certified guides.

Dragonfly Practices

The Dragonfly Practices were founded by Guilhem Morera who studied and work for 20 years with the apprentices of Carlos Castaneda. They are blending the practical tradition of the Toltecs with the mystic tradition of the Western world. They are essentially based on the practice of series of movements and breaths as well as the understanding of the cycles of our lives.

Sweat Lodge

Max, who was trained in the Lakota tradition by medecine man Archie Lame Deer, has created a ceremonial space at the Center and is guiding Sweat Lodges. He shares the symbolism, the songs and the rites connected to this native american tradition.

To see in the area

Combret village

When you are at Cayla it is also possible to visit the beautiful medieval villages of Combret and Brousses le Chateau.

During summer there are regular concerts and visits of the Combret village every Tuesday night.

Also during summer, from June to August, you can attend the concerts of the international festival  of sacred music of Sylvanès.

It is possible to swim in the Tarn river, in the lake of Laouzas and in some other canyons which are about 1 hour drive  from Cayla.

Every Saturday morning there is a market in Affrique.

Le Lac du Laouzas

Les canyons de l'Hérault

Brousses le Chateau