The goal of the Association Dragonfly Cayla  is to organize events for people to renew their energy, learn about and reconnect with themselves, with nature and to Infinity.

Dragonfly Cayla organizes workshops, retreats, conferences along the year.

Dragonfly Cayla is intending to create a community where different teachers / facilitators can come to share their knowledge and tools with others.

Why the Dragonflies ?

Besides the dears, the foxes, the wild boars, all the different species of birds… the area is populated by amazing dragonflies. They are a symbol of metamorphosis and of the “dream world”. Dragonfies spend most of their life under water and then come up in the air, leave their old body and spread their wings. They are considered by many traditions as magical creatures. They bring the awareness of the invisible into this dimension. Being on this Earth for much longer than our species, they are also a symbol of connecting to the source.


Painting by Branka Rajkovic

Partnership with the land

Part of the Dragonfly Cayla Association project is to create a partnership with the land. To devellop activities and practices connected to this magical environnement. To respect and take care of all the inhabitants of the forest: the wild life, the trees, the plants, the rocks… In the morning and the evening it is a concert of birds and in the night we can see the Milky Way that crosses over from one mountain to the other. We are intending to find ways to preserve this natural environnement and help it thrive in the best ways we can.

Shinrin Yoku pictures by Dino Riccio

Ancient traditions

The Dragonfly Cayla Association welcome any authentic tradition or work that can help modern man open his heart, expand his consciousness and perception and learn to live in better harmony with nature and other people.