Anybody is welcome to become a member of the Dragonfly Cayla association. At any time you can stop paying the membership fee and step out of the association. It is up to you to only attend events from time to time or to be involved more on a regular basis with the association work. We are very gratefull of all the help we received until now and we thank from the bottom of our heart the ones who brought their contribution to this project, sometimes just by attending our events, sometimes by giving their time, energy and knowledge, sometimes by bringing gifts which allowed us to move forward. Without you all that won’t be possible !

There are 3 kind of membership for the Association Dragonfly Cayla.

REgular membership

Regular membership is when you become a passive member of the association. You are supporting the purpose of the assocition and this membership gives you the possibility to attend any event organized by the association.

The membership fee to become a passive member of the association is 10 € and has to be renewed each January.

special contributor

You can be a special contributor by making a donation to the association (can be money or anything that the association may need) or by volunteering for the association.

Special contibutors are not required to pay a membership fee to the association.

Àctive member

You are involved in the decisions of the association regarding the organisation of events and anything that the association needs to decide. You are attending the association meetings and have a responsability within the organisation of the activities. You give your time and your energy on a regular basis to the association.